LASD’s “Brady List” Contains Shocking Allegations Against Hundreds of Sheriff’s Deputies

Lies, manufactured evidence, assault. Those are just some of the indiscretions allegedly committed by some 300 Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies whose names appear on a super-secret list maintained by the highest ranking officials in the sheriff’s department.

Only a select few within the department have seen the roster. But the Los Angeles Times says it was recently able to view a version of it.

One deputy on the list endangered the lives of fellow officers and an undercover informant when he warned a suspected drug dealer’s girlfriend that the dealer was being watched by police.

Another pepper-sprayed an elderly man in the face and then wrote a false report to justify arresting him.

A third pulled over a stranger and received oral sex from her in his patrol car.

The list also includes several deputies still with the department who were convicted of crimes — one for filing a false arrest report and another who was charged with domestic battery but pleaded no contest to a lesser offense. In other cases, prosecutors sharply criticized the deputies’ actions but declined to pursue criminal charges against them.

Sheriff Jim McDonald wants to hand the “Brady List” over to prosecutors who may inadvertently rely on testimony from compromised officers in sensitive criminal cases, jeopardizing their outcome. The deputies’ union is fighting that effort in a drawn-out legal battle that is expected to be decided by the Los Angeles Supreme Court next year.


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