Monterey County Supervisors Say Goodbye to Clerk of the Board Gail Borkowski

Monterey County Clerk of the Board of Supervisors Gail Borkowski has announced her retirement, effective at the end of the year. Supervisors have given their heartfelt farewells, with Jane Parker calling Borkowski the “most phenomenal professional” with a “frightening attention to detail” and Luis Alejo saying she “set the standard” for clerks of the board.

Borkowski has been in public service for the past 32 years, holding key positions in Santa Clara County, Santa Cruz, Monterey County, and Sunnyvale since 1985. She’s been in her current position since 2009.

Borkowski is also an avid thespian. She’ll be using her retirement to pursue her love of the theatre, participating in more ventures at the Santa Cruz community theatre that she has frequented since the mid-1980s.

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