New Guide Explores San Diego County's Wildlife

Wildlife lovers and ecology nerds, get out your holiday wish lists. There is now a new definitive guide to San Diego County’s incredible and diverse fauna, and it hits shelves later this month.

The San Diego County Mammal Atlas is described as a collaboration of more than 45 biologists, led by San Diego Natural History Museum Mammologist Scott Tremor. The book’s release is slated for December 19, 2017 and will explore all 122 species known to have inhabited the San Diego County region since 1769.

Accounts of each species include identification, distribution, habitats, and aspects of natural history such as diet, reproduction, space use, activity patterns, predators, and behavior. They address the conservation issues each species faces in the county, including urbanization, habitat fragmentation, and the increased prevalence of wildfire. Techniques for detecting or surveying the species in the field are discussed, and key topics for future research are highlighted.

Although the book is focused geographically on San Diego County, it will have wide interest to scientists, conservationists, and educators throughout the southwestern United States and Mexico. The target audience includes students (high school and university), land managers, working biologists, amateur naturalists, and anyone with an interest in San Diego’s wildlife.

Visit the website here and read a write-up at the Times of San Diego



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