State Watchdog Investigating L.A.’s Ads on Measure H

Did Los Angeles County officials use taxpayer funds to persuade voters to approve a local sales tax measure? That’s a question now being examined by the Fair Political Practices Commission.

The FPPC is currently reviewing county-sponsored television and social media ads that appeared to strongly favor a 2016 homeless tax initiative known as Measure H. The probe was launched in response to a complaint filed by the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association.

The county has described the ads as “educational” in nature, not campaigning which would have required filing of campaign disclosure documents. The content of the ads, however, raises questions.

“Real help. Lasting change,” one ad read.

A social media post similarly featured a large check mark and the phrase, “Are you ready? Vote March 7."

"While public funds can be used for informational material that is balanced, it cannot engage in electioneering," said Howard Jarvis President John Coupal. If the FPPC determines L.A. did so, the association could pursue legal action. 

Read more about the allegations and the FPPC’s probe here



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