Allegations Against Problem Deputies Take L.A. Sheriff by Surprise

Los Angeles County Sheriff Jim McDonnell says he was unaware of the stunning allegations against some of his own deputies until they were revealed in a December exposé by the L.A. Times. He is now ratcheting up calls for the department’s so-called “Brady List” of problem deputies to be turned over to prosecutors who could end up relying on compromised law enforcement officials in criminal trials.

As County News noted last month, the Sheriff’s Department maintains a top-secret roster of deputies accused of wrongdoing. The list is available only to the highest echelons of county law enforcement. And now it appears the sheriff himself is among those who have been kept in the dark about its contents.

McDonnell, for instance, says he had no idea that a sergeant with his department falsified evidence by pouring taco sauce on an inmate’s shirt to resemble blood. That sergeant was one of 300 deputies added to the list of law enforcement officials accused of various kinds of misconduct ranging from inmate abuse to sexual assault.

"I certainly felt the same way that any reader would: 'How does this happen? How do we end up in a position where we're dealing with issues like this and reading about it in the paper?'" McDonnell asked.

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