1,000+ L.A. County Jail Locks Pose Security Risk

More than 1,000 locks on Los Angeles County Jail cells are at risk of tampering. Jail officials are now “scrambling” to correct the problem amid fears of a major incident.

The union that represents L.A. County’s sheriff’s deputies says the department has been aware of the problem since 2015. It began when inmates figured out how to prevent the doors from latching. By placing wadded paper or other items at the jam, they still appear to be closed securely to the naked eye.

The problem has already resulted in one serious incident. In January, an inmate was able to open a door and attack a deputy. The faulty locks are affecting parts of the jail that were not originally intended for their current use.

The county will spend $1 million to fix the locks, but the project could take months to complete. Until then the sheriff’s unions says, deputies -- and possibly the public -- remain at risk.



Monday, March 12, 2018 - 05:54

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