Calaveras Pot Growers Want Their Money Back

Pot growers in Calaveras County say they’re the victims of an awful bait and switch, and they’re ready to bring their arguments before a court.

Marijuana growers flocked to the county after it legalized commercial cannabis farming in 2016, flooding local coffers with nearly $10 million in tax revenue. But just two years later in January the county reversed course and banned commercial marijuana altogether. That left the growers high and dry, having already spent hard-earned capital setting up shop in the High Sierra region.

Calaveras has a case to make. Along with all the glitter and gold, legal pot brought crime and chaos, its sheriff says. But the growers’ arguments hold water too. They were lured to the area like a swarm of bees to honey. Then the county shut the door.

One grower offered this blunt warning:

“If they succeed in shutting us down, they owe me for all my investment. They owe me for my loss of income. And they owe me for the cost of having to move, because what they’re doing is bullshit.”



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