Jeff Sessions Sues California Over Sanctuary Laws

Today marks a major moment in the showdown over sanctuary city policies.
In case you missed it, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions filed a lawsuit late yesterday against the State of California, Gov. Jerry Brown, and Attorney General Xavier Becerra over its sanctuary laws. The suit takes issue with three pieces of legislation which impede federal immigration officers’ authority to carry out their duties per the DOJ:
-SB 54, which bars law enforcement from notifying federal officials about the release of prisoners facing deportation except under certain circumstances.
-AB 103, which requires state inspections of detention facilities where immigrants are being held by federal authorities.
-AB 450, which bars employers from cooperating with immigration authorities.
Tuesday’s move was the most aggressive to date and follows a year of warnings and outright threats from the Trump administration.
Sessions will be in Sacramento today, where he is expected to announce the lawsuit during an appearance with the California Peace Officers Association.
Becerra is also expected to address the issue publicly today.
Gov. Brown offered this reaction on Twitter last night:


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