Todd Spitzer’s Former Aide is Suing Him… Again

Six months after winning a $150,000 settlement for wrongful termination, a former aide to Orange County Supervisor Todd Spitzer is suing him again -- this time for defamation.

Christine Richters filed her second suit against Spitzer on March 2, claiming the statements he made about her during the previous lawsuit were false and defamatory.

“Ms. Richters filed a lawsuit against the County simply to gouge the taxpayers for her unwillingness to adapt and gain even the most fundamental computer skills,” Spitzer said in a March 2017 press release

That's a claim Richters has always vehemently denied.

“Spitzer knew the statements were false when he said them,” the March 2 lawsuit states. “As a result of Spitzer’s statements, plaintiff… believes that she is being prevented from being hired.”

The supervisor has called the latest allegations a “political stunt” designed to hurt his candidacy for District Attorney.

For a recap of the allegations that prompted the $150,000 settlement, see our article on the initial lawsuit here



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