How the Housing Crunch Impacts Our Four-Legged Friends

Anyone who’s tried searching for a decent one-bedroom apartment with a dog or cat knows the perils of house hunting with fur children. Given the state of California’s competitive real estate market, finding a home or apartment for both you and Fido can go from irritating to tragic, and fast.

Julie Bank, president and CEO of the Pasadena Humane Society, reminds us of the painful impact the housing crunch can have on pet owners and their animals in a Monday article for the Pasadena Star News. What got Banks thinking was her dreadful search for a place to live after moving to California with her two dogs just over a year ago.

Fortunately, Banks found a place, even if it wasn’t the ideal spot. “But what would have happened if we hadn’t found a place that would allow our dogs?” she wonders.

Animal shelter employees know the answer to that question. Every day, they see cats and dogs join their ranks due to owner surrender. Often, real estate is a key factor in their guardians’ decision.

Banks has a number of recommendations for landlords and pet owners on how they can break the cycle and address the scarcity of pet-friendly rentals. But any way you slice it, a wildly pricey and competitive rental market is bad news for man’s best friend.



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