Kern County Voters Could Weigh in on Medical Pot

Medical marijuana businesses are currently banned in Kern County, but a medical marijuana advocacy group hopes it can collect enough signatures to give voters a chance to change that.

Kern Citizens for Patients Rights has launched a petition drive for the county’s November ballot. If the group can gather 13,269 valid signatures, voters will have the last say on medical pot cultivation and sales in Kern County.

"I feel it should be up to the community. The voters should make that decision," said Heather Epps, whose group has already gotten a similar measure on the ballot for Bakersfield.

If successful, the ballot petition would apply only to medical cannabis. The title and summary of the proposed measure reads as follows:

"Commercial medicinal cannabis activities would be allowed in agricultural, commercial, and industrial zoning districts. The types of activities allowed, including cultivation, manufacturing, testing laboratories, retailing, distribution and microbusiness, would vary somewhat by district. If a business seeking a cultivation permit were located within one mile of an established commercial farming operation, the County could require a conditional use permit and would have to find that the herbicide or pesticide drift potential to the medicinal cannabis activity could be reasonably mitigated."

Learn more about the proposed ballot measure at Bakersfield Now


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