Sacramento Cancels ICE Contract

Sacramento County will no longer offer a holding spot for undocumented immigrants facing deportation.

The Board of Supervisors voted 3 to 2 not to renew a lucrative contract with the Department of Homeland Security and Immigration and Customs Enforcement Tuesday. The decision means the county will no longer house immigrant detainees at its Rio Cosumnes jail, abandoning a project that has brought in more than $6 million a year since 2013.

“Our budgets are reflective of our values,” said Serna.

But District 4 Supervisor Sue Frost, who wanted to renew the contract, said the move could actually hurt immigrant detainees by forcing them into other detention facilities out of state away from their families.

“It’s completely symbolic in nature. It doesn’t solve any part of the problem at all.”

There are 82 immigrants currently being held at the Rio Cosumnes facility. They will need to be out by the 30th of June, according to County Sheriff Scott Jones.



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