Stanford Rape Judge Gets the Boot

In a highly unusual but long anticipated move, Santa Clara County voters have recalled a sitting member of the court. Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Aaron Persky was removed from the bench Tuesday by a majority of voters, ending his 15 year career as a judge.

The recall effort, led by Stanford Professor Michelle Dauber, followed Persky’s controversial 2016 sentencing of Stanford swimmer and rapist Brock Turner to just six months in county jail. Dauber said the vote underscores the rapid cultural transformation taking place across the United States, as evidenced by the #MeToo movement and others.

"The broader message of this victory is that violence against women is now a voting issue," said Dauber. "This is a historical moment in time. Women are standing up for their rights and there is a national reckoning."

Persky is the first California judge to be recalled since 1932. As of Wednesday morning, results showed Santa Clara County assistant district attorney Cindy Seeley Hendrickson in a commanding lead to replace him.