UPDATE: Big 11 Mayors Applaud Unprecedented Action to Address Homelessness in State Budget Agreement

The California Big 11 Mayors – an association of the 11 largest cities in California – announced Monday that the Governor and legislative leaders have reached an historic agreement that will directly address the homeless crisis that is prevalent throughout the state. 

According to the press release published yesterday, the agreement includes $500 million for the Homeless Emergency Aid Program, which will fund immediate solutions to get people off the streets, as well as $200 million for existing programs, enhanced outreach, and resources for homeless youth and seniors.

“I commend Governor Jerry Brown, state legislative leaders and Assemblymember Phil Ting for rising to this moment and directly confronting the homeless crisis in the state,” said Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg, who serves as Chairman of the Big 11 Mayors. “Our big cities are the front lines of this crisis and these new state resources will allow us to increase our emergency shelter capacity, rental assistance programs, and clinically trained outreach that will have immediate impact in human lives.”

For more information on how the agreement will allocate the $700 million investment, click here.





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