Alameda Spoofs “Cops” in Clever Mattress Dumping PSA

Few things can ruin a neighborhood’s charm like a bunch of beat up, old mattresses. Seriously, no one is going to take your old workbench of love. No one wants to see them. And no one wants to dodge one while walking the dog.

How far can a bedbug jump, by the way?

So kudos to Alameda County on its latest campaign to raise awareness about the scourge of illegal mattress dumping. The public service message is a spin-off of the popular 90’s TV show COPS and features the arrest of -- you guessed it -- an anthropomorphic mattress.

The short film, which you can see here, was created by the Alameda County Sheriff's Office, the Mattress Recycling Council, CHP Castro Valley Office, Deputy Sheriffs Activities League and the Communities United to Remove Blight Committee.

There’s a serious message not so plainly hidden in the humorous PSA.

“Mattress dumping is a crime and affects the community. However, there are more responsible ways to dispose of it,” says Sheriff’s Deputy Jose Delgado. “If you’re buying a new mattress and having it delivered, ask your retailer to take the old one back. There are also no-cost drop-off locations and free collection events in Alameda County that will accept them too.”

For more information about the county’s free mattress drop-off services, visit


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