These Counties Have Seen The Most Shark Attacks Since 1926

It’s not your imagination. San Diego County really is a flashpoint for shark attacks in California according to the Florida Museum’s Shark Attack File.

Since 1926, San Diego County has had the highest number of shark attacks in the state (18). Overall, California ranked 4th for shark attacks, following Florida, Hawaii, and South Carolina.

Humboldt County experienced the second highest number of shark attacks in California (16). Santa Barbara, Monterey, and San Luis Obispo rounded out the top 5.

Relatively speaking, shark attacks are extremely rare. Nevertheless, with high temps upon us, experts are reminding beachgoers to avoid shiny objects and swimsuits in the water. If you encounter a shark, try to maintain eye contact.

"Keeping eye contact with a shark is the best thing to do because they are ambush predators, so if their prey sees them, we've seen seals that can swim right in front of a great white and they won't even bother them because they've both made eye contact,” said Shark Diver Director of Communications Cindy Michaels.

Happy swimming!