Los Angeles County Hires New Health Officer

Former Alameda County Health Officer Dr. Muntu Davis was sworn in Monday as the new health officer for Los Angeles County. Dr. Davis is now L.A.’s go-to physician for all matters related to public health. He’ll provide guidance on health and wellness for the county’s more than 10 million residents.

“As we strive to develop and ensure our capacity to promote health equity and justice in Los Angeles County, I feel very fortunate to have Dr. Davis’ leadership to help advance our collective work with our colleagues at the Department of Health Services and the Department of Mental Health to implement our new health priorities,” said Department of Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer. “He is a unique addition and support for our collaborations with county residents and community organizations.”

Davis has served as Alameda’s public health officer since 2009 and previously headed its public health department. He is a family physician with a medical degree from UCLA and a master of public health from the Harvard School of Public Health.