Carr Fire Displacements Include Hundreds of Low Income Shasta County Veterans

The impacts of California’s wildfires have been devastating and long lasting. For our veterans, the devastation carries a unique air of tragedy.

Hundreds of low income veterans are struggling after losing their homes, with more than 2,000 veterans having been displaced by the recent fires. Those figures come from a survey conducted by Redding’s Veterans Resource Center, which visited FEMA relief centers during the Carr Fire.

"We started to get a count of how many veterans we are looking at and at that point, we didn't have a really good idea of how many veterans were displaced or how many total people even were displaced. Now, the number is about 2,400 roughly, for the people who either lost their homes or have homes that are damaged," said the Resource Center’s regional manager Brad Long.

According to Long, the center has identified at least 200 low income veterans displaced by the Carr Fire.

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