Ex-Kern County Deputies Facing New Pot Theft Charges

A pair of former Kern County Sheriff’s deputies who had been sentenced to probation for stealing 25 pounds of pot from an evidence locker are headed back to court after investigators say they uncovered 350 additional pounds of stolen weed

Prosecutors have filed a litany of new charges against Logan August and Derrick Penney in the case. Because it is being tried at the state level, Deputy District Attorney Lisa Green said there is no issue of double jeopardy.

The revelations about August and Penney’s additional thefts appear to be the result of doggedness on the part of Sheriff Donny Youngblood. Sensing there was more afoot after the prior discovery, Youngblood asked the FBI to continue its investigation. When the agency refused, Youngblood instructed the DA’s Public Integrity Unit to do so, leading to the discovery of the additional 350 pounds of stolen pot.

"It's important to understand when someone betrays this occupation, this uniform, this badge, it's not something we take lightly," the sheriff said.

August and Penney have both pleaded not guilty to the new charges. They will face trial in January.