OC Supervisors Don't Like California’s New Bail Reform Law

Orange County supervisors are backing a referendum effort that seeks to overturn new legislation abolishing California’s cash bail system. The Board of Supervisors unanimously backed a resolution Tuesday asking voters to overturn Senate Bill 10 in 2020.

According to the resolution, “the current bail system has been operating effectively for decades.” Board Chairman Andrew Do called the new law a “grand social experiment” that could undermine public safety and strain local police departments. Supervisor Shawn Nelson criticized the resolution as a “toothless” distraction but went along and voted for it anyway.

County News covered some of the implications of Senate Bill 10 for California counties here. While it seeks a more equitable approach to pretrial release, some believe the legislation was too hastily thought out. It has earned a number of surprising detractors, including the American Civil Liberties Union and Human Rights Watch as well.

Opponents of the new law have been collecting signatures for the referendum. They must gather 366,000 by November 26 in order to have it placed on the 2020 ballot.