Violent Crimes Up, Property Crimes Down in San Diego County

Early year crime statistics show a mixed back for San Diego County, with violent crimes rising 3% in the first half of 2018 even as property crimes fell.

This is the fourth consecutive year that violent crime has ticked upward in the county. The report, released last week by the San Diego Association of Governments, shows 5,507 violent crimes committed between January and June of 2018, up from 5,428 in 2017. There were 5,361 violent crimes in San Diego in 2016, and 5,330 in 2015.

Rape and aggravated assaults are on the rise. A new, expanded definition of rape in California likely contributed to the increase.

Homicides were down 5% from mid-year 2017. Robberies were down 7%. There were 27,727 property crimes at the start of the year compared with 30,477 for the same period in 2015, a decrease of nearly 9%.

Read the entire report here.