Cities and Counties Across America Are Turning on ICE. Others Are Happy to Fill the Void.

Communities across the country have become flashpoints in a national debate over the president’s immigration policies, with federal immigration officials bearing the brunt of advocates’ frustration.

You might be familiar with the fallout here in California. In addition to the state’s sanctuary state law, local jurisdictions from Santa Ana to Contra Costa County have severed their ties with federal immigration authorities and cancelled lucrative contracts that once allowed ICE to use their jails. But, as the Washington Post reports, this is a phenomenon we’re seeing nationwide.

Fairfax, Virginia recently dropped its jail contract with ICE and Hudson, New Jersey is expected to follow. Activists are currently pushing Alexandria, Virginia and Kent County, Michigan to do the same. Philadelphia, also awash in recent protests, dropped an agreement that allowed ICE to access its police database.

These decisions have sparked debates all their own. Immigration officials have argued that canceled jail contracts hurt immigrant detainees by forcing them into other facilities further from family. Others say they’re politically motivated decisions that risk public safety.

Not all communities are turning against the feds. Jurisdictions like Arundel County, Maryland have been happy to step in and fill the void. Since Trump became president, nearly 80 jurisdictions have joined the 287(g) program which allows them to enter into contracts with ICE for immigration cooperation and enforcement.

And so endures the great national divide.

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