32,000 Butte County Kids Return to School

32,000 Butte County students returned to school Monday after the state’s most destructive wildfire ripped through their community, taking their homes, precious lives, and a number of their classrooms.

Not everyone is returning to a place of familiarity. While some students, like those in Magalia, have a place to return to, others saw their schools completely destroyed by the Camp Fire.

Paradise students will attend class in Durham and Oroville. About 260 students have registered with the school district in Chico. Some of the older kids are doing their academics from home and online.

These aren’t permanent solutions, but it’s an important first step.

“We look at this as one mission to get 32,000 kids back to school and get them in the best environment possible,” Butte County Office of Education Superintendent Tim Taylor told the Guardian newspaper

“It’s some sort of normalcy,” added teacher Jori Krulder. “[School] is their everyday thing. That’s what they do. That’s their life.”

As CalSchoolNews reported last week, charter schools in Paradise have also resumed operations. Classes are being held at Living Hope Fellowship, Life Church, and CORE Butte Gymnasium in Chico beginning Monday, Dec. 3.



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