The Most (and Least) Popular State Propositions by County

California voters approved six statewide ballot measures this November, while rejecting another five. Among the winners was a homeless housing initiative, greater funding for children’s hospitals, and a humane farming bill.

That last one, Prop. 12, which banned the sale of meat from animals confined to small places, was particularly popular with L.A. County voters. L.A. passed Prop. 12 by the highest margin of any county (71.42%).

CalMatters has an interactive map showing the most (and least) popular ballot initiatives in each county. You can check it out here.

Some further highlights:

• Despite the failure of the gas tax repeal (Prop. 6), most inland counties supported the measure. It was most unpopular in the big cities and counties like Santa Cruz and Marin where it garnered just over 23%.

• Alpine was the only county in the entire state that supported Prop. 8, a ballot measure that would cap profits on dialysis clinics.

• Yolo, Sacramento, and Humboldt rejected Prop. 5 by the largest margins. That initiative, which ultimately failed, would have allowed seniors and the disabled to transfer property tax benefits when they move.