San Luis Obispo County Workers Go on Strike

Nearly 1,000 county workers in San Luis Obispo are on strike today after months-long wage negotiations broke down. The walkout began Tuesday, with employees expected to return to the job by the end of the work week.

San Luis Obispo employees — who, on average, earn 18% less than their counterparts in surrounding counties — say they aren’t making enough to get by. They requested a 3% raise, but were instead offered .5% for the current year and 2% for the following year. They say that’s not enough.

“It’s painful, to be honest with you,” said District 3 Supervisor Adam Hill (KSBY). “I don’t think that we have been fully aware of how difficult it is on many of our employees.” But the county insists it can’t afford anymore that what it has already offered.

Negotiations are expected to resume at the beginning of next year. The current strike will not impact emergency services, but will affect the airport’s business office; the clerk-recorder’s office in Atascadero; all county libraries except those in Atascadero and Arroyo Grande; and the Behavioral Health Department.

San Luis Obispo says it will provide updates on the strike via the county website.