After Infamous Library Incident, Investigation Finds No Evidence of Racial Discrimination by La Quinta Staff

An independent investigation into allegations of racial discrimination in La Quinta has concluded that “there was no evidence of discriminatory motive on the part of any City staff” during a school performance at the La Quinta Library last year.

County News described the situation back in November:

Riverside County has launched an investigation into allegations of racial discrimination made by CVUSD officials after a Cesar Chavez Elementary School teacher was allegedly told by La Quinta Library staff to nix displays of the Mexican flag or references to Hispanic culture and instead sing something like “Yankee Doodle.”

CVUSD initially blamed the City of La Quinta for the incident because the library supervisor who made the comment was allegedly directed to do so by the city.

At the time, Mayor Linda Evans called the allegations “BS.”

According to the independent report commissioned by Riverside County, the song and dance routine was not changed by library staff and no one was ever advised to sing “Yankee Doodle.” County Supervisor Manuel Perez called it perhaps an issue of miscommunication, but not racial discrimination.

A second allegation of racial bias that was also investigated as part of the probe resulted in a similar conclusion. The investigation found that Mexican-American author Victor Villaseñor's claims of discrimination were not supported by the evidence.

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