It’s Official: California Drivers Are Jerks

The operative word here is “aggressive.”

According to a new study from Mountain View car service startup YourMechanic, all the stereotypes are true. The Golden State really does have the most aggressive drivers in the nation, with an “aggressive driving event” like speeding or tailgating occurring every 6.6 minutes. Connecticut was No. 2. 

Can you blame us? Not entirely. California is also second-worst nationwide for congested roads. We’ve got a ton of people, ailing infrastructure, and a housing crisis. Cut us some slack, man.

Despite the road rage, we’re still behind New Mexico, Louisiana, and Oklahoma when it comes to the most dangerous states for drivers. Still, if you find yourself experiencing anger or anxiety behind the wheel, the DMV recommends maintaining a slow speed, avoiding eye contact with other drivers, and listening to calming music.

While you’re at it, stay away from the DMV too. That place is a hellscape.