The Best Places to Launch Your Cannabis Career

Looking to start your cannabis career? The company rating website Glassdoor has released a report showing the best places for landing that dream job in the pot biz. It was based on 1,512 job postings in the cannabis field and California is all over the list.

These were the top 15 metropolitan areas for a career in cannabis:

1. San Francisco (197 job postings)
2. Los Angeles (181 job postings)
3. Denver (99 job postings)
4. New York (66 job postings)
5. Seattle (56 job postings)
6. Boston (44 job postings)
7. Chicago (40 job postings)
8. Miami-Fort Lauderdale (38 job postings)
9. The Inland Empire (37 job postings)
10. Portland, OR (37 job postings)
11. San Jose (34 job postings)
12. Sacramento (30 job postings)
13. Las Vegas (25 job postings)
14. San Diego (23 job postings)
15. Santa Barbara (22 job postings)

Some further highlights:

• Cannabis is a growing field, with job postings having increased 76%.
• Cannabis jobs pay more. The median salary for a pot industry job is $58,511 per year, which is 10.7% higher than the U.S. median salary of $52,863.
• Service and retail jobs are in highest demand. Brand ambassador and sales associate jobs each accounted for 5% of job openings. Store manager postings constituted 3%.