Man Charged for Making Threatening Phone Calls to Monterey County Supervisors

A man who allegedly made threatening phone calls to two Monterey County supervisors is now facing criminal charges, according to the District Attorney’s Office.

County News first covered the disturbing phone calls allegedly made by 57-year-old Carmel resident Peter Channing Wells back in October. In one of the calls, he said Supervisors Luis Alejo and Simon Salinas ought to be “put up against the wall and shot” for proposing a decrease in the voting age to 16. The caller also used racist language targeting the officials’ Hispanic heritage.

Wells is being charged with three counts of making annoying telephone calls. The criminal complaint, filed on Dec. 20, says Wells made them “with the intent to annoy and harass” the supervisors. He is not facing a charge of making criminal threats because the circumstances did not meet the threshold under California law, prosecutors said. They added that he cannot be charged with a hate crime because that requires the perpetrator to cause or have the ability to cause harm.

Wells is scheduled to be arraigned on Feb. 14