SLO authorities raze 14,200 pounds of cannabis in the last 10 months despite weed being legal in California

Since May 2018, 7,700 plants and 14,200 pounds of harvested weed has been destroyed in San Luis Obispo County. The county’s Planning and Building department plans to implement more enforcement actions against non-permitted cultivators soon.

Despite nearly all the marijuana growers in the county applying for permits since prop 64 passed in 2016, SLO’s Planning and Building department hasn’t given any organization complete approval to become a legitimate business. As a result, 124 growing stations have been ordered to destroy all plants and products as well as pay large fines up to $100,000 for violating the county’s cannabis code. 89 of those farms are in California Valley.

San Luis Obispo currently does allow cultivation in certain unincorporated areas under a collective/cooperation model. However, once the sunset provision kicks in and the law ceases to have effect the county will confiscate those farms as well.

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