“Do You Know Who Murdered Us?” Billboard Campaign Seeks New Clues in Unsolved Homicides.

There were 636 homicides in Los Angeles County last year. That number is down dramatically from nine years ago, but the murders that do occur aren’t necessarily getting easier to solve. Statewide, the homicide clearance rate has actually declined. It was 91% in 1965 and fell to just 59.4% in 2016

Sometimes, all it takes is a tip from the public to crack a case wide open. With a new bus and billboard campaign, the nonprofit Justice for Murdered Children hopes those tips will start rolling in. It has begun erecting posters of 48 unsolved homicide victims around Los Angeles County in case someone recognizes a face and provides a vital clue. The posters feature rotated images of different victims every four weeks and the words, “Do you know who MURDERED us?”

Law enforcement is welcoming the effort.

“We don’t want anyone to be forgotten,” Capt. Billy Brockway, head of the LAPD’s homicide division, told the Los Angeles Times. “If there's something that aids us in the ability to do so, we're all for it.” 

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