43% of California Voters Say they Can’t Afford to Live Here

Yet another survey has hammered home the reality of California’s affordability crisis. And this time, respondents have made clear that the problem goes far beyond housing.

43% of California voters now say they can’t afford to live here, per a recent Quinnipiac poll. Among 18 to 34-year-olds, the number is as high as 61%.

Housing continues to be the most pressing problem, with median rent now a staggering $2,750 per month and median housing costs at $550,000. But when given the choice, respondents selected overall cost of living — not housing — as their biggest concern.

High costs mean more homelessness, more home sharing, longer commutes, and more sleeping in cars. Some worry it could also create a brain drain as younger workers seek a life outside the sunny Golden State.

These sentiments are already having major impacts. As County News reported Monday, California experienced its slowest population growth on record last year

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