L.A. County is Taking Your Best Ideas for a Time Capsule Until 5 p.m. Monday

The public has until 5 p.m. Monday, May 6, to submit their ideas for a 2019 time capsule that will be buried in downtown L.A. The memento will replace a time capsule created 61 years ago and unearthed last summer during renovations at the Fort Moore Pioneer Memorial on Hill St.

“I think tapping people’s really genuine connection to the subject matter will be really interesting,” said Kristen Sakoda, Executive Director of the L.A. County Arts Commission which is overseeing the project (Los Angeles Downtown News). “People can be as creative and poignant as they like, but for us, the big thing we are interested in is a reflection and their views of themselves, their culture and this environment.”

The last capsule consisted mostly of city and county documents, including a county budget from 1959. It also contained newspapers, a pamphlet on the state’s Gold Rush, and a brochure entitled “The Story of Los Angeles is the Struggle for Water and Power.” (You can see video of the last capsule’s opening here.)

Submission ideas for 2019 include stories, poetry, and photographs. To read the guidelines and submit an idea of your own, visit LACountyArts.org



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