Nevada County Supervisors Pass Pot Cultivation Ordinance

After years of debate and anticipation, Nevada County supervisors have finally approved an ordinance greenlighting cultivation of commercial pot. An urgency ordinance was adopted by the Board of Supervisors Tuesday, allowing its provisions to take effect immediately. The vote was 4 to 1 with Dan Miller voting no.

“I commend you all,” Supervisor Sue Hoek told marijuana advocates at Tuesday’s meeting. “This has been a huge, long road.”

Indeed. Nevada County voters rejected Measure W, which proposed a ban on outdoor marijuana cultivation, three years ago.

The Union lays out the nuts and bolts of Nevada County’s new cannabis rules:

The urgency ordinance allows commercial, medicinal grows that meet certain requirements. Commercial grows can exist on General Agricultural, Exclusive Agricultural and Forest zones, if they’re on 5 acres or more. The maximum size of a grow is based on acreage. No grow may exceed 10,000 square feet. Those grows must sit on at least 20 properly zoned acres.

Rules differ for indoor, mixed light and outdoor grows. No outdoor grow is allowed under 5 acres. Cultivators need two local permits — one based off a grow’s size and an annual permit. Growers also need state licensing.

Dispensaries and manufacturing businesses are still prohibited.