ACLU Says Madera Jail Officials Illegally Assisted ICE

The ACLU has filed a formal complaint alleging that Madera County Jail officials held a detainee who was scheduled for release so that Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials could come pick him up for deportation. If true, it could constitute a violation of SB 24, the California Values Act, as well as county Department of Corrections policy which states that officials “will not hold a person beyond his or her release date for the purpose of an immigration hold or other hold requests."

"He should have been released back into the community," Angelica Salceda told ABC 30. She’s the attorney representing the 23-year-old farm worker who was arrested for a DUI and has since been deported back to Mexico.

The ACLU is now seeking $750,000 in damages for emotional distress experienced by the family and a violation of his constitutional rights, ABC 30 reports.

California passed its so-called sanctuary state law two years ago, but a recent study concluded that 68 out of 169 local law enforcement agencies (40%) are not in compliance with SB 54.