L.A. County Plans to Fight Communicable Disease Like Typhoid Fever

L.A. County leaders have asked staff to develop a new communicable disease prevention plan after an employee of the Los Angeles Police Department contracted the bacteria that causes typhoid fever.

The effort would likely entail stricter penalties for illegal dumping, especially in the Skid Row area downtown. Supervisor Kathryn Barger has also called for a pilot storage program to get more of people’s belongings off the street.

No plan can be fully successful absent progress on the exploding crisis of homelessness, critics say. The latest figures show a 12% increase in homelessness in L.A. County and a 16% increase within city limits. Unlike cities such as New York, the vast majority of L.A.’s homeless population remains unsheltered, compounding public health risks.

Read more about L.A.’s typhoid prevention plans via City News Service/NBC 4