San Luis Obispo County Could Change Its Cultivation Rules Midstream

San Luis Obispo supervisors may soon implement changes to the county’s commercial cannabis ordinance amid mounting pressure from residents who want to see tighter restrictions on grows.

SLO’s cannabis ordinance already requires a 1,000 foot setback from sensitive sites such as parks and schools. But that’s not enough for some residents. As the San Luis Obispo Tribune reports, they’re mounting legal challenges. Half of the 17 permits issued by the county since March have been appealed to the Board of Supervisors.

As soon as September, the Board could approve changes to existing law. These include a possible expansion of setback requirements, adding residences to setback rules, or even an outright ban on outdoor grows.

These changes would come as a shock to those businesses currently trying to secure permits. They’ve already spent countless hours and dollars trying to comply with existing law.

“We’ve spent over $500,000 on this in two years trying to be up to par with your regulations and your ordinance,” Sandra Wood of Coastal Elevation told the Board. “You’d hurt us… that’s not fair.”