Monterey Planning Commission Makes Hemp Recommendations

The Monterey County Planning Commission made a recommendation on industrial hemp last week and it’s clearly siding with the crop. It recommended that county supervisors allow hemp to be grown in the county’s rural areas under existing state law, rather than adopting a more restrictive one-year pilot program.

Unlike the pilot program, which would limit the number of cultivators to 30, the commission’s recommendation would allow any number of people to grow the product. With some exceptions, hemp could be grown anywhere. Under the proposed pilot program, farms would be restricted to special zones and no larger than 100 acres.

According to the Monterey Herald, Commissioner Martha Diehl felt the pilot program had been rushed. Agricultural Commissioner Henry Gonzalez has warned that Monterey would get left in the dust if it does not embrace the hemp industry. He opposed the pilot program’s restrictions.

Additionally, the commission urged supervisors “to consider hemp a typical agricultural crop rather than agreeing with a Resource Management Agency determination that it is similar to cannabis with its restrictions,” the Herald reports.



Tuesday, January 28, 2020 - 20:21

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