Calaveras Weighs Background Checks for Cannabis Growers

Calaveras County is considering a policy that would mandate employer and employee background checks for commercial cannabis grows in the county.

Calaveras is currently weighing commercial cultivation, but one constant concern is public safety. When issuing licenses, the state only checks for violent crimes and serious felonies, Sheriff Rick DiBasilio said.

As the Calaveras Enterprise explains, this policy would work a bit differently.

Under the proposed ordinance, an employer would receive a Commercial Cannabis Clearance Badge from the county after passing a background check. That would also apply to employees working on cannabis grow sites, but the business owner would likely take on the burden of employee screening, based on discussions among staff and supervisors. An employer could be cited and have his or her license revoked if a worker is identified as not having a badge issued by authorities on a grow site.

The badges would be property of the county, and would certify workers to work on multiple grow sites, based on discussions...

The county would examine an application submitted to the sheriff and the applicant’s criminal history reports from the California Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

For applicants with prior convictions or inaccuracies in their applications that could be “substantially related to the qualifications, functions or duties of the business,” the county would investigate them further before approving an application.

These reviews would cost applicants anywhere from $283 to $358 a piece. Cannabis advocates say that places an unfair burden on growers.

Read more about the background check proposal at the Calaveras County Enterprise