Update: Ventura County’s Giant Pig Mystery Has Been Solved

Was it a hidden message from a time traveler? A special gift from an extraterrestrial visitor? A cuddly hog stuffed with D.B. Cooper’s long lost cash?

Nah. Turns out it was just some prize from the county fair that was too big to take home.

We’re talking about the giant stuffed pig discovered at the Camarillo Metrolink station this month (you can read our original story here).

After the sheriff’s department asked for the public’s help locating its owner, reporters with the Ventura County Star began digging. They tracked down a booth worker from the fair who remembered a little girl winning a dragon and then settling for the pig when she discovered a hole in it. Then they found the girl who said she abandoned it at the station because it wouldn’t fit in the Lyft that was taking her home.

The girl has 60 days to take it back. If not, it becomes the property of the sheriff’s department. 

Image Credit: Ventura County Sheriff's Office



Monday, July 27, 2020 - 15:51

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