Richmond City Council Passes Vaping Restrictions. Contra Costa Supes Could Be Next.

The Richmond City Council voted last week to restrict the sale of e-cigarettes that have not been approved by the FDA. The Council’s move comes amid a rash of vaping-related illnesses nationwide — the vast majority of which involved illegal products containing THC.

Contra Costa County District 2 Supervisor Karen Mitchoff has also directed staff to look into a blanket ban, City News Service reports.

"With the recent national news, I think it's critical that we get ahead of ... everything," Mitchoff said.

The state and federal governments have also set their sights on the e-cigarette industry. Gov. Gavin Newsom took executive action Monday to crack down on vaping and said he supports a ban on all flavored vaping products.

President Donald Trump has also said his administration will pursue a ban on flavored e-cigarettes to curb the scourge of teen vaping use and youth marketing. That’s another problem, albeit unrelated to the hundreds of respiratory illnesses that have been reported. Similarly, critics note, Richmond’s restrictions will do little to curb use of the illicit marijuana vapes that have been linked to the epidemic.


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