Siskiyou Prepares for the Season of the Wolf

California’s wolves have been busy this mating season and now ranchers in Siskiyou County are preparing for a visit.

Siskiyou Daily reports that the so called “Lassen Pack,” which travels between Lassen and Plumas counties, has produced four pups. That pack and another lone wolf have killed at least a dozen cows in Plumas and Lassen.

The wolves are bound to make their way to Siskiyou, so ranchers there are watching Lassen and Plumas to see how they grapple with the issue. Officials have handed out red flag deterrents (Siskiyou County Farm Bureau President Jim Morris says those have “limited effectiveness”). Some ranchers swear by the use of donkeys.

While a single visit by a pack can wreak havoc on livestock, former Siskiyou County Agriculture Commissioner Patrick Griffin says Siskiyou need not worry about a large, permanent population anytime soon. There just isn’t enough prey, primarily elk and deer, for the wolves to feed off of.

Griffin does have one word of advice to area ranchers: keep an eye on any livestock with illness or injury and separate them out. They’re easy pickings.