These Are the Most Expensive Zip Codes in America

91 of the 100 most expensive zip codes in the United States are right here in California, according to stunning new figures from PropertyShark.

The real estate data site combed through residential home sales for its latest list. Due to some ties, its list of the 100 most expensive zips actually contained 125.

Atherton’s 94027 in San Mateo County came in at No. 1. for the third consecutive year. The median sale price there is $7,050,000. It was followed by 90402 (Santa Monica); 90210 (Beverly Hills); 94301 (Palo Alto); and 94022 (Los Altos).

L.A. County had the highest number of zip codes on the list at 21. But the Bay Area is still the most expensive metropolitan area, with 55 of the country’s most expensive zip codes.

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Data is compiled and reported by PropertyShark.