Yuba and Sutter Crack Down on Homeless Encampments

Yuba and Sutter counties have passed emergency anti-camping ordinances in an effort to clamp down on the homeless populations exploding along the rivers.

Government officials say the encampments threaten levees and flood inspection efforts. Homeless advocates see it differently.

“These people right here, when they pull out, they’re going to be pulled over and they’re going to lose everything they have. And that’s my greatest fear right now,” one homeless indicidual, Raelynn Butcher, told Fox 40. Butcher is a member of the Homeless Union, which fights for homeless and housing rights.

Opponents of the ordinance have also invoked the 9th Circuit Court decision in Martin vs. City of Boise, in which anti-camping ordinances were deemed unconstitutional in the absence of alternative housing for the affected individuals.