Three California Counties File Suit Against Neptune Society

California’s attorney general and three Bay Area counties have filed suit against the Neptune Society, a popular cremation service provider, alleging it defrauded its customers.

From the Los Angeles Times

The state attorney general sued the Neptune Society on Monday, claiming the well-known company pocketed $100 million that it should have kept in reserve for those who signed up for its prepaid cremation service plans. As a result, many of the company’s customers failed to get full refunds if they canceled their contracts, and thousands of other prepaid customers could also lose their money if they cancel, the lawsuit says.

The company also falsely claimed to use its own crematoriums when in fact it contracted with others and illegally accelerated payments when customers died, among other misleading business practices, the lawsuit says.

According to Attorney General Xavier Becerra, the company is “swindling customers who were simply trying to look out for their families and prepare for one of life’s most difficult moments.”

The plaintiffs include Alameda, Marin, and San Francisco. The suit also names a subsidiary of the Neptune Society, the Trident Society.