Rural Counties Struggle to Get Accurate Census Count

The courts have blocked the Trump administration from including a question about citizenship on the 2020 census, but there are still plenty of obstacles standing in the way of an accurate count. One of those is the difficulty rural counties face in ensuring everyone is counted.

Tulare County is just one example.

“It's ironic that the communities most in need are the ones least likely to get counted," Cindy Quezada with the Sierra Health Foundation, told the Visalia Times Delta. “If you live in a backhouse that doesn't have a formal address, you're not getting an invitation to participate in the census."

Quezada has been visiting communities all over the rural, majority Latino county to try and ensure an accurate tally.

“The consequences of undercounting these communities is dire," Tulare County Supervisor Eddie Valero added. "Sadly, being hard to count can mean unequal access to vital public and private resources."

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