San Diego Sheriff’s Office Hands Records Over to ICE

The San Diego County Sheriff’s Office has handed over jail records for two undocumented immigrants to Immigration and Customs Enforcement, with plans to share another two records next week. SDSO turned the records over after it was subpoenaed by ICE. It was the first time that ICE has ever subpoenaed a California law enforcement agency for such information.

“I think I’m probably the first one in the state, I'm probably the test case and I see this probably spreading throughout the state,” said Sheriff Bill Gore.

California’s sanctuary state law prohibits local agencies from sharing certain information with ICE officials. But Gore said once the subpoena was served, his department had no choice. Experts believe local law enforcement agencies can expect more subpoenas like the one SDSO received.

According to ABC 7, ICE demanded records pertaining to four Mexican nationals who had recently been arrested. Their charges range from robbery, battery, and drug possession to sexual assault of a child. Two have been released and another two remain in the county jail.