Santa Clara Says Its Homeless Prevention Efforts Are a Success

At a time when homeless numbers are skyrocketing across the state, one northern California county’s experiment offers a glimpse of hope. Santa Clara says its Homelessness Prevention System, or HPS, has had a 95% success rate.

Since 2017, HPS has served about 1,338 households in danger of falling into homelessness. On average, each family received about $4,100—and in most cases, it was enough to keep them afloat.

“This system is designed to be able to get money out the door in a matter of hours. And really be flexible as far as paying rent, or paying for childcare, or paying for an emergency medical need,” said Chad Bojorquez, a senior director at Destination Home.

The money is running dry, but officials say San Jose's Measure E would provide some ongoing funding for the effort.  

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