“Like Gridlock on the 405.” L.A.’s New Voting Centers See Long Lines, Errors.

L.A. County’s grand experiment with voting centers unfolded with more than a few hiccups yesterday, with equipment glitches and long lines lasting as much as four hours long.

“This is like gridlock on the 405,” one West L.A. voter told the Los Angeles Times

“If the idea is to make this simpler, it’s gotten much worse,” said another.

Some voters didn’t leave their polling places until well after 11 p.m. The Bernie Sanders campaign filed an injunction to keep the polling places open past 8.

Election officials said some equipment errors, combined with high turnout, were to blame. Many people said they liked the new touch-screen voting systems, but there wasn’t enough staff available to explain and troubleshoot the equipment.

“This was a challenging day for a lot of voters in L.A. County and I certainly apologize for that,” said L.A. County Registrar of Voters Dean Logan. “That’s something that has to be better.”

978 voting centers replaced the traditional neighborhood polling places that county voters had used for years. Voting was open for an 11-day period, but it’s not clear how many people actually got that message.

With the new $300-million voting system, voters could cast ballots at any center they wanted in the county. For the first time, voters were also offered same-day registration.

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Update: Supervisor Janice Hahn calls for investigation.