L.A.’s Measure R: What Would It Mean?

After a tumultuous year between L.A. County officials and Sheriff Alex Villanueva, voters will get a chance to temper some of the department’s power on Tuesday.

Ballot measure R would significantly expand the authority of L.A.’s Civilization Oversight Commission. It would give the body direct subpoena power and allow it to conduct its own investigations. Measure R would also put the Commission in charge of developing an inmate reduction plan for L.A. County jails.

Sheriff Alex Villanueva is opposed to the first-of-its-kind initiative. Mary Wickham, counsel for Los Angeles County, is also opposed. The measure is endorsed by Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Senator Holly Mitchell, Compton Mayor Aja Brown, the ACLU, Justice L.A. and the L.A. County Democratic Party.

The Southern California Public Radio podcast recently covered the measure in depth.

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